Results of 2018 District I Split Singles held at Greenfield Village RV Resort on Dec. 10-12, 2018. Sylvia Smith, DI President, was the tournament director & Charlie Loiselle was the photographer.

Men's Championship Division, L to R: Bill Storck, Champion; Larry Bartelheimer, 2nd Place; Tom Wiehle, 3rd Place & Elmer Lang, 4th Place
Men's Consolation Division, L to R: Duane Bradow, 1st Place; Jim Cook, 2nd Place; Dick Frisbee, 3rd Place & John Fedynak, 4th Place

Women's Championship Division, L to R: Melanie Kersey, Champion; Ruth Hugen, 2nd Place; Millie Holtz, 3rd Place & Lydia Bellan, 4th Place
Women's Consolation Division, L to R: Ginny Wiehle, 1st Place; Marnie Ralph, 2nd Place; Jan Crouse, 3rd Place & Elaine Sandry, 4th Place

Results of 2018 Wilf Clark Mixed Doubles Tournament held at Mesa Spirit RV Resort on Dec. 3-5, 2018. Al Hoffart was the tournament director & Gene Frank provided the photos.

Championship Division, L to R: Mark Hankins & Jan Crouse, Champions; Joe Casias & Karen Cochran, 2nd Place; Mick & Cheryl McNeely, 3rd Place & Jay Filler & Bert Salo, 4th Place.
Consolation Division, L to R: Dan & Sylvia Smith, 1st Place; Gary Butt & Donna Davis, 2nd Place; Brian Rebus & Ann Strain, 3rd Place & Al Rotariu & Dee Zillyet, 4th Place

Results of Pre-Western Tournament held on October 29 - November 2, 2018 at Greenfield Village RV Resort. Rob Robinson was the tournament director.

Results of Championship Division were: Bob Rinehart, 1st Place; Doug Kersey, 2nd Place; Richard Willsey, 3rd Place & Lynn Bell , 4th Place.
Results of Consolation Division were: Mark Hankins, 1st Place; Mile Hatley, 2nd Place; Chuck
Crouse, 3rd Place & Jay Filler, 4th Place.

Photographs were taken by Charlie Loiselle.