State Tournament Pictures

State Split Singles Playoffs

Feb. 16-17, 2023


Championship Man
1St Place: Mick McNeely - Division lV
2nd Place: Jay Morrison – Division ll
3rd Place: Doug Kersey - District l
4th Place: Doug Sawchuk – District lll
5th Place: Doug Greek – District V

Consolation Man
1St Place: Elmer Lang – District l
2nd Place: Jim Spencer – District lll
3rd Place: Dennis Ellgen – District V
4th Place: Larry Kurth – District ll
5th Place: Stuart Solem – District lV

Championship Woman
1st Place: Sylvia Smith- District 1
2nd Place: Collette Carlise – District lll
3rd Place: Teresa Holm - District ll
4th Place: Diane Kangas - District V
5th Place: Maureen Kroll - District lV

Consolation Woman
1st Place: Denise Lawson – District lll
2nd Place: Gwen Gienger – District V
3rd Place: Lou DeVoe – District lV
4th Place: Jan Oschendorf – Districtll
5th Place: Brenda Forbes – District 1

State Team Playoffs

Mar 6-7, 2023

1st Place District 4

Back Row L to R: Captain, Dave Crucq, Garry Bachmeier, Moe Bachmeier, Sue Bachmeier, Chuck Wiart.
Front Row L to R: Dale Robinson, Gloria Toutloff, Linda Robinson, Patsy Bachmeier.

2nd Place District 1

Back Row L to R: Captain, Kirk Juffer, Clare McParland,
Bruce Wagner, Anne Strain
Front Row L to R: Doreen Torcov, Barb Wright,
Bob Walker.

3rd Place District 3

Back Row L to R: Captain, Linda Stoneburner,
Bill Stoneburner, Grieg Carter, Rich Schultz
Front Row L to R: Deb Tuott, Lee Tuott, Linda Carter
4th Place District 5

Back Row L to R: Captain, Dave Frazier, Gary Festge,
Tim Lantz, Bill Faker
Front Row L to R: Ted Seith, Donna Daly,
 Bruce Wattenburger.
Not pictured: Betty Silver
5th Place District 2

Back Row L to R: Captain, Susan Neidlinger,
Shawn Elm, Darwin Smoots
Front Row L to R: Kent Elm, Neal Pyke, Barry Tompkins.

State Mixed Doubles

Mar 13-14, 2023


Championship Division Winners. left to right
1st place Sylvia Smith and Chuck Crouse District I
2nd place Gwen and Clint Gienger District V
3rd place Linda and Bill Stoneburner District III
4th place Jo DeLong and Barry Billingsley District II
5th place Janet Hadt and Gerry Redfern District IV

Consolation Division Winners. left to right
1st place Lorna and Walter Chadwich District III
2nd place Betty Wieschorster and Allen Zepczyk District IV
3rd place Joyce Clements and Moe Tretiak District V
4th place Joan and Larry Kurth District II
5th place Jackie and Bob Street District I
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