Arizona Shuffleboard Association
PAGE 2 : Waxing Rules .... Violations & Penalties
Organized August 10, 1963 : Revised March 2009

- All Penalties are 10 points.

J-1 Played disc touching side or center line
J-2 Shooting too soon.
J-3 Disconcerting or interfering with opponent.
J-4 Coaching.
J-5 Stalling, harassing an official
J-6 Improper appeal or action (by Tournament Director)


I-1 After practice shots but before play begins, any one player may request additional wax be applied with the shaker to all or part of the court. One practice shot allowed each player.

I-2 After eight frames of play, a full or partial re-wax with the shaker may be applied at the request of any one player. If 3 or more players request a full clean and re-wax, it shall be done, providing wind wax is not being used. If wind wax, either commercial or any other mixture is used, it will not be removed unless all 4 players on the court agree that the court is not playable and an appeal is made to the Tournament Director who makes the final decision.

I-3 During play, additional shaker wax to all or part of the court for the purpose of increasing disc speed will be done only if requested by 3 or more of the players. It will be applied before the beginning of the next half frame. Each player is allowed one practice shot.

I-4 Wind gusts, stick tracks or discs being moved about may cause small areas to become
bare. Any one player may request spot waxing of these bare spots. This spot waxing will be applied just before the requesting player next shoots. Only the bare areas should receive wax. The Referee will be the sole judge as to the extent of the area that should receive wax and the amount of wax to replace the displaced wax.


J-1 If a disc being shot was touching the side line of the center triangle - Penalty is 10 points.
The offender's disc and all displaced discs are removed. Opponent is credited with any of his counting discs removed and the offender is debited if his disc is displaced from the "kitchen". Play continues.

J-2 If a player shoots before the Referee has called the previous disc - Penalty is 10 points and the offender's disc and all displaced discs are removed. Opponent is credited with any of his counting discs removed and the offender is debited if his disc is displaced from the "kitchen". Play continues.

J-3 Players must not, by words or actions, disconcert or interfere with their opponent who is shooting a disc. If the interference continues following the opponent's protest and a warning from the Referee - Penalty is 10 points.

J-4 Remarks or motions by a player at one end of the court to a player shooting a disc at the other end which in the opinion of the Referee constitutes coaching, shall result in the Referee penalizing the person doing the coaching 10 points.

J-5 For intentional delay or stalling, or any improper words or actions designed to harass, irritate, insult or belittle an Official, Penalty is 10 points.

J-6 If a player makes an appeal to the Tournament Director which is considered frivolous, argumentative, and without merit, or for any other improper actions by a player not otherwise listed herein, the Tournament Director has the authority to penalize the offender 10 points.

J-7 During a game the Referee may see that a player has left the playing area, is standing when he should be sitting, is shooting from the front line, is stepping over the base line or other actions which he judges to be improper, or lacking in good manners or sportsmanship. While these actions do not warrant penalties, it is quite proper for the Referee to caution the offender.

J-8 All players, when not shooting, should carry their cues upright and stand well clear of their opponent and players shooting on adjoining courts. If a player, while shooting is interfered with in any way, and his disc does not reach the far lag line it will be replayed.

J-9 ASSESSING PENALTIES, Upon observing a violation of the rules, the Referee should
immediately lay his wand on the court near the lag line to stop play. He should then inform the offender about the violation and then, without argument or discussion, instruct the Scorekeeper to record 10 points off the offender's score, and if applicable, the number of points to be added to the score of the offender's opponent.

J-10 If court Referees are not assigned, no penalties shall be assessed unless the Head Referee observes the rule infraction.